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Fastest growing company in ophthalmology

Doctor's Allergy Formula is the company that brought Ocular Allergy Testing to Ophthalmology. 1,250 Ophthalmologists are now using our Ocular Allergy Diagnostic System, making us the fastest growing company in Ophthalmology.

A Completely Turn-Key System


Help your patients find the underlying condition of their Ocular Surface Disease


We provide all training, forms, materials, support...everything but the patients!

Financially Lucrative

Uses an existing CPT Code that is reimbursed by major insurances

Training done on-site for your entire staff

Why do I need to test for Ocular Allergies ?

  • FDA Approved allergens and applicators
  • Over 40% of your patients have ocular allergy symptoms
  • Improve diagnosis and treatment decisions
  • Reduce patients' need for medication
  • 39 regionally specific allergen panels
  • Test takes only 3 minutes to administer
  • Non-invasive and no needles
  • Results in only 20 minutes
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    “By performing ocular allergy testing, we now have the ability to end patient suffering, and that is life changing.”

    Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD, FACS

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    “DAF has impressed me both in its clinical application and in its financial impact to my practice.”

    Robert Weinstock, MD

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    “In-office testing for ocular allergies is an important tool and a welcome clinical and financial addition to my practice.”

    Jay Pepose, MD, PhD

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    “The DAF staff made this one of the easiest implementations of any new diagnostic test we have integrated into our practice.”

    Frank Bowden, MD, FACS

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    “Finally, we have an objective diagnostic test created for Ophthalmology to identify the allergic component for our patients with OSD.”

    Marguerite McDonald, MD, FACS

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    “Even with my background in cornea, DAF’s allergy testing has shown new underlying causes of my patients’ chronic clinical signs and symptoms.”

    Steven M. Silverstein, MD, FACS

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    “Implementing DAF’s objective allergy test has improved the precertification process for specific topical ocular allergy treatments for my patients by proving medical necessity.”

    Mitchell Jackson, MD

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    “The test is easy to bill, reimburses well, and has been a welcome revenue stream in this increasingly challenging economic environment.”

    Jodi Luchs, MD, FACS

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    “After staff training, DAF was readily integrated into our ocular surface protocol, without disruption of patient flow or provider efficiency loss in our busy practice. Every one of our 13 doctors is on board.”

    John Sheppard, MD, MMSC

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    “If you ask your patients if they have allergies, 80% to 90% will say ‘yes’ – even if no one has formally diagnosed them.”

    Ranjan P. Malhotra, MD, FACS

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    “For the first time, I am able to determine the specific allergy and provide effective treatment options for my conjunctivitis patients.”

    William Trattler, MD

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With Doctor's Allergy Formula, Ophthalmologists can improve diagnosis, treatment decisions and outcomes - without disrupting the flow of the clinic.

Doctor's Allergy Formula is a noninvasive, no-needle proprietary allergy testing modality that is administered by a technician in the Ophthalmologist's exam room. The testing system is designed to objectively diagnose the source of ocular allergies to help the physician determine the most appropriate treatment.

The Ocular Allergy Diagnostic System utilizes a panel of 60 allergens that are specific to each region of the country, which enables assessment of ocular allergies in the context of associated ocular surface disease.



Providing comprehensive resources to help integrate DAF into your office



• Letter to Prospective Patients
• Table Tents for Lobby
• Waiting Room Posters
• Waiting Education Brochures
"Do You Suffer?" Buttons
• Patient Postcards



• Reminder "Post-It" Packs
• Allergy Algorithm
• Allergen Resource Guide
• Protocols for Treatment
• Doctor's Script
• Decision Tree
• Medications to Avoid
• Percutaneous Skin Testing Form Aid



• Patient Guide to Ocular Allergies
• Patient Guide to Prepare for OADS Test
• Patient Top 10 FAQs
• Educational Brochures
• Allergen Resource Guide



• Physician Portal for EMR Testing Forms
• Articles & White Papers
• Web Copy with High Resolution Images
• Patient Stories & Testimonials

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